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It is a spongy mass of iron, which is created by reducing iron ores into metallic iron. The process involves use of carbon at temperatures below the melting point of iron. Sponge iron is not useful in itself, but must be processed to create wrought iron. Producing sponge iron and then working with it was the earliest method used to obtain iron in the Middle East, Egypt and Europe where it remained in use until at least the 16th century. Sponge Iron is manufactured at our plants in Burdwan, Durgapur, Raniganj and Sambalpur.


Our Sponge Iron is of the specification furnished below:

  • Total Iron

  • Metalic Iron-80-81%

  • Degree of metalization-88%

  • Carbon- 0.1%Max

  • Sulphur- Less than 0.04%

  • Phosphorus- Less than 0.50%

  • Gaunge- Less than 5%

  • Non Metallic- Less Than 0.5%

  • Size- 3-20MM (Below 3MM 5% Tolerance)

Per Annum Production Capacity:-


We are using the best quality iron ore. Due to this and a highly effective process control system enable us to deliver a very high quality S.I. The Important Factors like High Metalization and higher Carbon are inherently found in our Sponge Iron. We command a premium in the markets. Sponge Iron fines are separately kept and sold as a separate product, which dose not effect, the quality of the Sponge Iron Lump.

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