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Growth is the buzzword in today's market-driven economy. When it comes to polarization of economies across the globe, South East Asian countries are at their emerging best. India, with its soaring GDP, foreign investments and skilled human resource, is the most potent and has been identified by experts as the next economic superpower.

We at the Shyam Group of Industries have been partnering India in her stupendous escalation. Strategically developed infrastructure is a universally accepted prerequisite of growth. We specialize in manufacturing key elements of infrastructure. We ensure benchmarked quality in every aspect of development, giving our nation the best products.

Growth, however, for the Shyam Group of Industries does not only comprise infrastructural development. It also means development of the people, of the peripheries where we operate from, of the society as a whole. Therefore we, at the Shyam Group of Industries, put in meticulous effort to strengthen the local economies by providing employment and encouraging micro-entrepreneurship.

We have set ourselves an ambitious, but what we feel very much achievable target to become one of the largest Steel and Ferro Alloy manufacturer of the country. We plan to increase our volume of production year-on-year at the rate of 15%-20% by launching new operational set-ups and value addition to the existing units. Moreover, as a part of our ecologically viable manufacturing vision, we would be commissioning some non-conventional power plants and we are confident that by 2014, we would be in a position to generate 4500MW of power, through both the conventional and non-conventional route, through both the independent and captive power plants. In cement manufacturing we are also putting targets to raise the production up to 4 million tonnes by the end of 2012.

The future belongs to a vibrant India throbbing with actions and acclaims. We dedicate our future to the progress of our Nation and people who are associated with us.

With best wishes,

Mr. Bhushan Agarwal
Vice Chairman cum Managing Director
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